Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Icy Dock

© David Eldred
The USS Arneb (AKA-56) moored to the ice at McMurdo.
An aircraft propeller can be seen lurking in the large crate on the ice next to the ship. (Click to enlarge.)

Ships are moored to the ice by means of a deadman, a post about 4' long. A hole is chipped into the ice, narrow at the top, and wider at the bottom. The deadman, with a rope looped around its middle, is wedged sideways into the hole in the ice. When the hole is filled up with water, snow, and ice the deadman becomes a solid part of the ice sheet.


One of the crew's many jokes.

"Here lies the body of an Eastwind deadman, placed here to commemorate the last Operation Deep Freeze by veteran Arctic Antarctic explorer the Duke of Eastwind BM1"

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Anonymous said...

Are those beer cans? My father used to drink his beer with a sock over the can so they wouldn't get too cold. What would you do in this case? :-)